Now it’s on the news this week, an Android-based Google phone, Nexus One has been launched. This incredibly thin and sleek gadget which come loaded up with Google Navigation and the brand new Google Goggles. The phone features a 5.0 megapixel auto-focus camera with LED flash and digital zoom, GPS receiver, bluetooh and WiFi capabilities. As its brain, Nexus One is using 1 GHz Qualcomm QSD 8250 Snapdragon Arm processor allows for many advanced capabilities including 720p video playback. It has a standard micro USB port and the microSD card slot allows expansion up to 32 GB of card storage. Additional mobile applications can only be installed to the 512 MB internal flash memory, of which 190 MB are available for that purpose.

Will Nexus One succeed? Maybe they should try Indonesian market. Here mobile subscribers are more than 150 million served by 10 mobile operators (UMTS and CDMA2000).  Those subscribers surely need mobile phones, and it’s truly a big market.  Although mostly preferred cheap mobile phones even a used one (used mobile phone market is also very attractive here) but there is big niche for high-end mobile phones which can be installed with wide array of mobile applications.  People with money usually prefer a gadget which can serve them well, one gadget for all functions, and that’s where mobile application come in.  And some of those rice people (or try to look rich) also treat this gadget as fashion, as a status symbol.

Remember applications-rich Nokia E90 back in 2007? The first unit of Nokia E90 was sold in May 17, 2007 to a businessman for $5000 in an auction held in Ritz Carlton hotel Jakarta, Indonesia (Nokia was started worldwide launch of E90 one month later for $1000). When E90 finally get into local stores in Jakarta, people lined up behind store gates the night before. When store doors opened there were more than a thousand people wanting to get their hands on the new phone.  This Communicator series even got a fan club with thirty thousand members.  In this club, Communicator owners looking for help on those rich mobile applications installed on their communicator or even held a social gathering.

Can Nexus One experience the same?

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