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Komodo and Parthenogenesis

During the waiting time, some female Komodo without the presence of male Komodo for a long time, assumes there is shortage of male therefore she begins the process of parthenogenesis to save the species. Too many parthenogenesis will risk decreasing their genes diversity which will lead endangering the whole species. Maybe we should keep those females with at least one male on sight, if not all the time at least not leaving them alone for too long.

World Cup Theme Songs

The World Cup 2010 just been completed, and that month long football festival had raised Spain as the World Champion. Beside that sporting activities, our attention had also been attracted to that octopus, Paul the Psychic and also, the charming performance of Shakira with her song "Waka-Waka". However, Waka-Waka is not alone, each World Cup produces its own great song. Here are the list since 1990.
Giovani van Bronckhorst picture

Giovanni van Bronckhorst, Kapten Tim Belanda

Tetapi pikir-pikir sayang juga melewatkan acara puncak salah satu perhelatan akbar, FIFA World Cup, yang 4 tahun sekali itu. Wah harus ada jagoan baru nih. Cari punya cari ternyata ada satu fakta yang cukup menarik. Saya dapat dari membaca salah satu artikel di Tempo Interaktif dan artikel di Wikipedia tentang kapten tim Belanda, Giovani van Bronckhorst ternyata orang ini keturunan Maluku, Indonesia. Dalam artikel di Tempo, dia bilang kakeknya adalah Lillipaly, sedangkan dalam artikel di Wikipedia tertulis bahwa hubungan dengan nusantara lebih dekat lagi karena ibunya adalah asal Maluku.

Indonesia, Negara Asia Pertama Di Piala Dunia

Indonesia holds the FIFA World Cup record as the first Asian team to be qualified to World Cup final round also as the only team with the fewest matches played (1) and one of the teams with the fewest goals scored (0).

Germany Beats Argentina

Argentina had been one of the tournament's darlings, with coach Diego Maradona's every move causing a stir and superstar Lionel Messi showing you don't need to score to be sublime. The Argentines rolled into the quarterfinals as one of only two teams to win all its games — the Netherlands was the other — and had been so powerful they never trailed. But Germany overwhelmed the Argentines, and shut down Messi in the process. The reigning FIFA world player of the year leaves South Africa without a goal, and was in tears after the game.
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