Remember, that wild viral started from a video of his lip-sync and dancing action uploaded to youtube.  Yes, the policeman from Gorontalo, Norman Kamaru did that (although it is his friend who uploaded the video).  Now, he had become a new superstar.  He made appearance in various TV or live shows especially in the capital city, Jakarta, and other big cities in Java.  He even got relieved from his formal duty for several weeks to fulfill the thirst of his fans.  And his fans are unbelievable huge, especially according to fact that Norman is nobody few weeks ago, and his action and the video uploading is purely unintentional.

These two videos are samples what he’s busy of right now.

Out of nowhere he become superstar, and from that remote city of Gorontalo he’s being summoned to Jakarta (the capital) by the Chief of Police himself.  Last month he is nobody, but now, just mention his name in a show, it is enough to make people rush to it.  And his success not only good for him and the Police Force (at least make them closer to public), but also to his friend who almost got sued by the Police.  Now, since everybody is happy (or the whole nation is happy), that uploader man can be forgot that lawsuit possibility.

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