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PRESS RELEASE Indo-Japan Expo 2008: Komatsu Broaden Activities in Indonesia

Jakarta – November 06, 2008

The Indonesia-Japan Expo 2008, sponsored by Indonesian newspaper Kompas and the
Japanese economic daily Nikkei, is held at Jakarta International Expo, Kemayoran until
November 9. The Expo features a variety of events such as seminars, technology &
industrial exhibition, culture and art exhibitions and community meetings. The Expo is one of
many events of the celebration of 50 years of diplomatic relationships between Indonesia and

The Expo demonstrates innovative technology and many creative events took place such
Robot Contest 2. Komatsu as a leading Heavy equipment manufacturer has many activities in
Indonesia which consist of manufacturing, component remanufacturing, forestry and system
development. In order to ease the monitoring of machine condition PT Komatsu Marketing &
Support Indonesia also develop a monitoring system with a local software company Jaksoft
(PT. Jakarta Software Komunikasi).

Various Komatsu products are now on display in Komatsu stand in Hall B of the Expo.

During the weekend, there will be shuttle buses at Gambir Train Station and Golden Hotel at
Jalan Angkasa ready to bring visitors back and forth from the Expo.


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