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History of Aceh, The Veranda of Mecca

Aceh is an autonomous territory of Indonesia, located on the northern tip of the island of Sumatra. In this region Islam was first established in Southeast Asia. Aceh is one of those Islamic communities in this region who grew to become one great kingdom. Islam came to Aceh as early as the ninth [...]

Saman Dance will Become One of UNESCO Intangible Heritages

UNESCO is set to officially list the Saman Dance from Aceh as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in November. “The Saman Dance will be announced as intangible world cultural heritage by UNESCO on November 19, 2011, ”I Gde Pitana, Indonesian Culture and Tourism Ministry cultural and tourism [...]

The Dancing Policeman, Norman Kamaru, Appearances on Television

Remember, that wild viral started from a video of his lip-sync and dancing action uploaded to youtube.  Yes, the policeman from Gorontalo, Norman Kamaru did that (although it is his friend who uploaded the video).  Now, he had become a new superstar.  He made appearance in various TV or live shows [...]

Russian Band Sings Great Song

I always like something new, and I enjoy music.  A Russian band singing Russian song may be it’s something that I cannot understand.  But, hey I’m still enjoying the music, the tones and the rhythm.  Maybe that’s why the call music as the universal language. It can make you appreciate other [...]

Dancing Policeman from Gorontalo

Chaiyya Chaiyya, Policeman and Gorontalo might not have any relationship , but Norman Kamaru, a Policeman from Police Paramilitary Brigade (BRIMOB) stationed in Gorontalo, a city in Eastern part of Indonesia was showing his other talent to make them related. And believe me, it goes a wild viral [...]

World Cup Theme Songs

The World Cup 2010 just been completed, and that month long football festival had raised Spain as the World Champion. Beside that sporting activities, our attention had also been attracted to that octopus, Paul the Psychic and also, the charming performance of Shakira with her song "Waka-Waka". However, Waka-Waka is not alone, each World Cup produces its own great song. Here are the list since 1990.
Giovani van Bronckhorst picture

Giovanni van Bronckhorst, Kapten Tim Belanda

Tetapi pikir-pikir sayang juga melewatkan acara puncak salah satu perhelatan akbar, FIFA World Cup, yang 4 tahun sekali itu. Wah harus ada jagoan baru nih. Cari punya cari ternyata ada satu fakta yang cukup menarik. Saya dapat dari membaca salah satu artikel di Tempo Interaktif dan artikel di Wikipedia tentang kapten tim Belanda, Giovani van Bronckhorst ternyata orang ini keturunan Maluku, Indonesia. Dalam artikel di Tempo, dia bilang kakeknya adalah Lillipaly, sedangkan dalam artikel di Wikipedia tertulis bahwa hubungan dengan nusantara lebih dekat lagi karena ibunya adalah asal Maluku.
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