Fed Up With Your Banks? Try Islamic Banks

Where It Started? This post still related to my previous article “Fed Up With Your Banks? Try Ethical Banks”, which offered an alternative form of banking compare to usual/conventional banks.  Still in the spirit to find alternatives other than bank that can give you experience like those scandals [...]

Fed Up with Your Banks? Try Ethical Banks

Prologue When I posted the news about Citibank Two Scandals, a friend of mine replied : Me and my wife decided, some years ago to move our little savings to a diferent kind of bank. An ethical one. Have you ever heard of them. Mine is this one: I am [...]

Use Credit Card Wisely

Some says that most of us don’t know how to use credit cards wisely, but most often is not that you don’t know but you just lazy or careless.  So, it is important that you stop those laziness or carelessness.  Do what will be told in this article will make your financial condition healthy. There [...]

Komodo and Parthenogenesis

During the waiting time, some female Komodo without the presence of male Komodo for a long time, assumes there is shortage of male therefore she begins the process of parthenogenesis to save the species. Too many parthenogenesis will risk decreasing their genes diversity which will lead endangering the whole species. Maybe we should keep those females with at least one male on sight, if not all the time at least not leaving them alone for too long.
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