Vehicle Health Monitoring System

An old news I want to share PRESS RELEASE Indo-Japan Expo 2008: Komatsu Broaden Activities in Indonesia Jakarta – November 06, 2008 The Indonesia-Japan Expo 2008, sponsored by Indonesian newspaper Kompas and the Japanese economic daily Nikkei, is held at Jakarta International Expo, Kemayoran [...]

Mobile Application Platform : BREW

The big advantage of BREW is its 3D capabilities. It's a far more advanced platform than J2ME, and it enables developers to make much more complex games (provided the destination handset has the processing power to run them). Aside from the more powerful gaming credentials of BREW, there are a number of advantages for developers. Firstly, the platform is less fragmented than J2ME. There are far fewer differences in BREW running on a Samsung handset to BREW running on a Nokia model, for instance.

US, Russian Satellites Collide in Space

t's the first crash of its kind, but NASA says it doesn't pose a threat to the International Space Station. The accident occurred on Tuesday, creating a massive explosion with much debris scattering through space. It’s still unclear what caused the collision, which has become the first-ever involving two intact satellites. The privately-owned American satellite – Iridium – was launched in 1997 and used for satellite telephone networks. The Russian Cosmos satellite was launched in 1993 and, according to NASA and Pentagon officials, had been non-operational for about 10 years.

Nexus is Launched, Can They Do What Nokia E90 Did Here?

Will Nexus One succeed? Maybe they should try Indonesian market. Here mobile subscribers in Indonesia are more than 150 million served by 10 mobile operators (UMTS and CDMA2000). Those subscribers surely need mobile phones, and it's truly a big market. Although mostly preferred cheap mobile phones even a used one (used mobile phone market is also very attractive here) but there is big niche for high-end mobile phones which can be installed with wide array of mobile applications.
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