Komodo Dragon

Komodo is actually the name of an island within the eastern part of Lesser Sunda chain of Islands (part East Nusa Tenggara province) in Indonesia. The name Komodo is getting famous when first European in 1910 visited the island and came back with report of giant lizzards roaming the island. They named this enormous lizzard as Komodo Dragon. One very interesting fact of these giant carnivorous lizzards is their parthenogenesis ability. A Komodo dragon at London Zoo named Sungai laid a clutch of eggs in late 2005 after being separated from male company for more than two year

Marco Polo

As young man, eager for adventurer, gifted linguist and deep interest in foreign culture and people, Marco was more than happy to join his father and uncle. During this long three years journey, Marco put notes about everything that interest him. Although not a historian, and indeed some historians doubted the accuracy of Marco's story, but Marco did provide detailed accounts about the Mongols and their realm.

Saman Dance

Saman Dance or Dance of Thousand Hands is one those fascinating dances from Indonesia. It is originated from Aceh province, or Gayo regency (in the highland of Gayo) to be exact. In its original form, the dancers beside dancing they also sing the poem, and provide rhythm by finger snapping, hand clapping and chest or thigh beating. Dance's moves consisted of moving hands, arms, legs and torsos with quick and well-coordinated team work, these movements increasing in speed along the way.
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