Use Credit Card Wisely

Some says that most of us don’t know how to use credit cards wisely, but most often is not that you don’t know but you just lazy or careless.  So, it is important that you stop those laziness or carelessness.  Do what will be told in this article will make your financial condition healthy. There [...]

Timeline of Cases Plaguing Citibank Indonesia

  Malinda’s Alleged Fraud Late February: A Citibank internal audit reveals several transfers worth as much as Rp 500 million (US$57,500) from several of the bank’s clients to the personal account of the bank’s senior relationship manager, Inong Malinda, also known as Malinda Dee. Bank clients N. [...]
Malinda Dee and Her Ferrari

Who is Malinda Dee?

  Malinda Dee, a 47 years old mother, is a high rank officer at Citibank Landmark branch Jakarta. Many say Melinda Dee is RM aka Relationship managers who build relationships with Citibank premium customers (CitiGold). Many people are curious about who is Malinda Dee? Although most of those are not [...]

Saman Dance will Become One of UNESCO Intangible Heritages

UNESCO is set to officially list the Saman Dance from Aceh as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in November. “The Saman Dance will be announced as intangible world cultural heritage by UNESCO on November 19, 2011, ”I Gde Pitana, Indonesian Culture and Tourism Ministry cultural and tourism [...]

One of Citibank Scandals May Lead to Money Laundering

  Since this case emerged to the public and after questions by the House of Representative, it became stronger that it is not just a fraud case, it may also indicates money laundering. One of that indication is from Inong Malinda Dee confession, the suspect of embezzlement of at least Rp 17 billion [...]

The Dancing Policeman, Norman Kamaru, Appearances on Television

Remember, that wild viral started from a video of his lip-sync and dancing action uploaded to youtube.  Yes, the policeman from Gorontalo, Norman Kamaru did that (although it is his friend who uploaded the video).  Now, he had become a new superstar.  He made appearance in various TV or live shows [...]

Russian Band Sings Great Song

I always like something new, and I enjoy music.  A Russian band singing Russian song may be it’s something that I cannot understand.  But, hey I’m still enjoying the music, the tones and the rhythm.  Maybe that’s why the call music as the universal language. It can make you appreciate other [...]
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