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Germany Beats Argentina

Argentina had been one of the tournament's darlings, with coach Diego Maradona's every move causing a stir and superstar Lionel Messi showing you don't need to score to be sublime. The Argentines rolled into the quarterfinals as one of only two teams to win all its games — the Netherlands was the other — and had been so powerful they never trailed. But Germany overwhelmed the Argentines, and shut down Messi in the process. The reigning FIFA world player of the year leaves South Africa without a goal, and was in tears after the game.

Germany Beats England in World Cup

In a match went unbelievably well for the German's side, England was sent home from South Africa. Some kind of deja vu happened in the match, a shot by Frank Lampard clearly cross the goal line but neither the referee or the linesmen saw it, totally opposite what happened in 1966 World Cup when a shot by English player Geoff Hurst struck the crossbar, bounced down, did not cross the line but the referee awarded a goal for England.
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