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Indonesia Central Bank Punished Citibank

After those twin nightmares which plaguing Citibank Indonesia,  a set of punishments have been forced by Indonesia Central Bank (Bank Indonesia).  For a start, Bank Indonesia has been barred Citibank Indonesia from acquiring new customers for it’s credit card for two years and for it’s Citigold [...]

Armed-Forces Denies Link to Citibank Scandal in Official’s Removal

A senior Indonesian Air Force official was removed from his post at the National Defense Agency, but not because of his suspected links to the ongoing Citibank embezzlement scandal, a military spokesman said on Thursday. Air Vice Marshal Rio Mendung Thalib, who was deputy governor of the agency, [...]

One of Citibank Scandals May Lead to Money Laundering

  Since this case emerged to the public and after questions by the House of Representative, it became stronger that it is not just a fraud case, it may also indicates money laundering. One of that indication is from Inong Malinda Dee confession, the suspect of embezzlement of at least Rp 17 billion [...]

Citibank Scandal in India

Just completed an entry about Citibank two scandals in Indonesia, one an alleged fraud from its relationship manager and one of a possible murder case.  When browsed the web, I found one quite similar case about Citibank, now in Gurgaon, India (original link provided below).  Also involved a [...]
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