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Giovani van Bronckhorst picture

Giovanni van Bronckhorst, Kapten Tim Belanda

Tetapi pikir-pikir sayang juga melewatkan acara puncak salah satu perhelatan akbar, FIFA World Cup, yang 4 tahun sekali itu. Wah harus ada jagoan baru nih. Cari punya cari ternyata ada satu fakta yang cukup menarik. Saya dapat dari membaca salah satu artikel di Tempo Interaktif dan artikel di Wikipedia tentang kapten tim Belanda, Giovani van Bronckhorst ternyata orang ini keturunan Maluku, Indonesia. Dalam artikel di Tempo, dia bilang kakeknya adalah Lillipaly, sedangkan dalam artikel di Wikipedia tertulis bahwa hubungan dengan nusantara lebih dekat lagi karena ibunya adalah asal Maluku.

Germany Beats England in World Cup

In a match went unbelievably well for the German's side, England was sent home from South Africa. Some kind of deja vu happened in the match, a shot by Frank Lampard clearly cross the goal line but neither the referee or the linesmen saw it, totally opposite what happened in 1966 World Cup when a shot by English player Geoff Hurst struck the crossbar, bounced down, did not cross the line but the referee awarded a goal for England.

Defending Champion Knocked Out

Slovakia started the game powerfully and showed their domination to led 2 - 0 with Robert Vittek's goals in 25th and 73rd minutes.  Only in the 81st minute did Antonio DiNatale manage to put the ball in the net for the Italians. From there they began to emerge and dominate the play, a furious rally in search of a second goal to preserve their tournament lives.

First Goal in FIFA World Cup 2010

Siphiwe Tshabalala of South Africa scored the first goal in FIFA World Cup 2010

Shakira Performs Waka Waka

Shakira Performs Waka Waka, official FIFA's 2010 World Cup Song, during opening ceremony
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